Atlas success

A couple of miscalculations. One is that the y offset was going up in the texture and doing down in the json file. The other was me indexing the wall sections backwards.

Atlas Success

Using an atlas in Unity

So I decided it was time to get my tool pipeline in order. I’ve switched over to Unity away from Game Maker. It’s nice to be using a more structured language for the scripting. I also wanted to make an atlas for my images (theme switching later as well) so I started playing with TexturePacker. Found a JSON parsing plugin and am working on a sprite utility. Progress is promising but not quite there yet.

Atlas Not Quite Working

Endless Maze!

We have decided to push Jotnar Invasion, our tower defense game, back for another month. But we still have new content for you to try! HazedTruth has put together an expanding endless maze game, see how far you can make it! You can check it out here! To move your character around the screen use the W, A, S, and D keys. Good luck!

Introducing: Jotnar Invasion

We’ve started our third game this year! Jotnar Invasion is a Nordic themed tower defense game that will feature enemies pulled from Norse mythology. Since March just started we haven’t had a lot of development time yet, but we already have a working prototype. In the game’s current state you can select a cell on a grid, a radial menu will popup, and you can choose which type of tower you would like to place. You will notice that some cells have small square images, that is just our pathing debug, showing us where the enemies would walk as you place the towers. Currently enemies do not spawn, and towers don’t have the ability to shoot, but those will come pretty soon so check back for updates!

Click here to play Jotnar Invasion

Mage Runner finished! (for now)

Our first version of Mage Runner has been finished and it turned out awesome! In the future we may re-visit the world of Mage Runner as we have a list of features we didn’t have time to implement but as far as #OneGameAMonth goes, we’re done for now. Check it out and let us know what you think!

Play Mage Runner now!

Another Mage Runner update

mage runner

We have more improvements to Mage Runner. This time we’ve added a new main menu with a nifty “Mage Runner” logo at the top. We have an options menu and instructions menu which you should check out. In the options menu you can turn the sound off and in the instructions menu you can find a list of the keybindings. We’ve also added some pickups.

  • H – Refills your health
  • B – Grants you one more bomb
  • S – Increases your attack speed
  • M – Gives you multishot

So play Mage Runner now!

Mage Runner updated

Our #OneGameAMonth entry for February has been updated, and we’ve decided to call it Mage Runner (for now). We’ve added a health display, smart bombs, and an alternate fire mode.

Using standard WASD movement. You can use a smart bomb by pressing comma, and change your fire mode by pressing period. Give it a shot now!

#OneGameAMonth – Feburary

The DropCombat team is already moving onto the next project! Creating our second entry for #OneGameAMonth. If you haven’t visited the OneGameAMonth website yet, I recommend you do. It’s got lots of awesome content put together by Indie developers like ourselves and it’s totally worth checking out, especially if you’ve got an hour or two to kill on addictive games!

As for our second project, we’re moving past the mind games, and focusing on destruction! We will be working on a side-scrolling shmup with an 8-bit RPG influence. If you’re unfamiliar the shmup genre, you can read about it here.

At the time of this post, or project is just in the beginning stages, but if you want to see what we are working on, and the path we are taking to get there, you can check out our game right here! Just take note that right now the game has a memory leak and offscreen objects aren’t yet removed from the game. Playing it for a few minutes (or seconds) won’t hurt, just don’t leave it running for hours unattended. :)

Edit: No more memory leak!